Taylor Gray Neoprene Bags- Michelle Large Tote


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Confident, bold and fiercely loyal don’t even come close to describing Michelle.  I have been blessed to have a friendship with Michelle and her family.  She loves all things pink and black and owns a successful cosmetic business, Skin Snob.  (Her body butter and lip scrub are my favorites!)  She is a Netflix junkie, a momma to 4 fantastic kiddos and loves jalapenos in her cocktails.  Michelle would walk through fire for her friends and family.  She is a cussing partner, travel buddy and probably has one of everything I have ever manufactured.  The shades of pink and red with the antelope pattern made The Michelle a top choice among the wholesale markets.


The internal neoprene has a smooth and streamline look that is complimented by the rubber Taylor Gray logo on the pocket.


Dimensions: Tote…23 inches wide (side panels expanded) x 12 inches tall x 11 inches deep

Privacy pouch…8 inches wide x 5.5 inches tall x 1 inch deep