Things to Do in Gulf Shores Over Spring Break

As the winter months take a warmer turn, many people start to plan that well-deserved spring break getaway. If you’re looking for a destination that offers a mix of relaxation and adventure, look no further than Gulf Shores, Alabama. Gulf Shores has everything from stunning beaches, a range of outdoor activities, family-friendly attractions, delicious seafood and nightlife. Gulf Shores has something for everyone. So pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and get ready for an unforgettable spring break in Gulf Shores.

Beach Activities

Of course, we can’t talk about Gulf Shores without mentioning its stunning beaches, but did you know that in the springtime there are tons of beach activities to enjoy? Once spring is in full bloom, you’ll discover the emerald-green water is perfect for swimming, the sun is beaming for a nice tan, and the sugar-white sand is primed for a sandcastle or beach volleyball game! You’ll also come across plenty of opportunities to take excursions or participate in watersports like kayaking, jet skiing, parasailing, and paddle boarding, not to mention sunset cruises and dolphin tours. The best news is that we’ve got plenty of coastline to share, so you’ll never have a problem finding a spot along our sandy shores!

Weather and Wildlife

If you’re still on the fence, just take a look at our forecast! In the spring, the weather in Gulf Shores is warm and pleasant, with plenty of sunshine and moderate humidity. March temperatures range from an average high of 70°F to a low of around 50°F. Spring is also one of the wetter seasons you’ll find in Gulf Shores; however, rainfall amounts are still relatively low, with an average of around 3-4 inches per month—so it won’t put a damper on much! The warmer temperatures also bring out some of our favorite Gulf wildlife. If you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, you’ll find plenty of fish in the Gulf to cast for, like king mackerel, sheepshead, and cobia, to name a few. There’s also a good chance you’ll see alligators drifting out of hibernation or migratory birds refueling on their way to nesting grounds. So, whether you’re a birdwatcher, a marine mammal enthusiast, or just enjoy being out in nature, you’re sure to spot some springtime critters making use of our spectacular weather.

Nightlife and Dining

When it comes to entertainment and going out to eat, you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to spring break in Gulf Shores. If you are looking for a more relaxed ambiance, there are several places that make it easy to grab a drink, listen to some tunes, and socialize with the locals and visitors alike. Some popular shoreline spots are The Hangout and Flora-Bama Lounge & Oyster Bar, which feature both local artists and some great bites to eat. Above all, you’ll be able to experience a wide variety of restaurants offering everything from fresh seafood to BBQ. There are tons of restaurants that offer a fun and lively atmosphere, from the easygoing vibe of Woodside at Gulf State Park to a perfect sunset dining experience at Perch at The Lodge. Just make sure you save room for dessert!


While you may think spring break is prime time for tourists, you’ll actually find that Gulf Shores can be one of the most relaxing destinations around. Being on the coast makes it easy for you to tap into the laid-back environment thanks to the rhythms of our waves and our overall pace of life. Gulf shores is much quieter than other spring break destinations and you can find tons of opportunities to unplug even further. Taking a relaxing nature walk on the miles of hiking trails at Gulf State Park or playing a round at one of the Gulf Coast’s beautiful golf courses are some great ways to get some relaxation time in. Not to mention how welcoming and hospitable the locals are, with a tame demeanor that you won’t find at many other tourist destinations. 

Gulf Shores is the perfect combination of natural beauty, southern hospitality, and laid-back charm. It’s got a little bit of everything for any type of spring breaker sent our way! So, what’s the hold up? Book your visit and have yourself an unforgettable spring break.


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